Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tech-Free Tuesdays?

I read a lot of blogs.
It's kind of like my morning newspaper.
Cup of coffee,
pajamas and slippers,

Blog World.
I love it!
I've met so many cool people-
new friends-
gooey gossip-
and have shared other daily lives.

One blog that I've been reading recently is
Memoirs of a Farm Wife.
I was attracted to the graphic header,
and then discovered she's from
my part of the country-
so I got hooked
on her touching family stories
and thoughts for the day.

She came up with a great idea
that I thought might be fun
to pass around.
Tech-Free Tuesday.
(See her post here:

I know how hard it is to go
a whole day without the cell phone
or television-
or the worst for me
is the computer
But wouldn't it be wonderful
to say that we did it?

At least for one Tuesday a month?
(Or more).

What would that mean for me?
My housework might get done,
I might finish some art projects,
and my computer could finally cool down.

I might even read a book,
start a quilt,
or start baking bread.

Then, maybe not....

But, hey-
let's at least give
Tech-Free Tuesday a try.
What could it hurt?

Check it out
and give me a shout.
You in?