Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tech-Free Tuesday's Tragic Demise

I suppose you're all wondering
how my Tech-Free Tuesday went.


For about fifteen whole minutes.

I always turn on the computer
first thing every morning.
I connect to the internet,
check the day's weather,
and pull up my husband's
favorite news site
so he can read before
heading out to work.

So, that was the start of
the entire day
spiraling down into
a dreaded failure.

I don't even have Facebook,
but I log on to my daughter's page
and lurk there again and again
throughout the day.

What is it about some stranger
cooking fried potatoes,
another finding a virtual cow,
and people simply sharing their moods
that fascinates me?

Is it like a peeping Tom kinda thing?
Or a nosy-neighbor syndrome?

Or a
"I should really get a life."
wake-up call?

Of course, after Facebook,
I had to read all my
blogging friend's posts,
check eBay for an item
my husband wants,
and look up a recipe
for something with
broccoli in it.

Then I proceeded to
curl up in front of the TV
because I am so lamely addicted now
to Wife Swap.

Shoot me.

If anyone ever told me
I would spend hours watching this
ridiculous program,
I would have laughed hysterically.

Warmed my coffee in the microwave.
Used my cellphone to find a phone number.
Charged my laptop for the kids to play on.
Sent an email.
Played Xbox with my husband last night.

I am a Tech Twit.

One thing I enjoyed about
Tech-Free Tuesday, though-
is that I got a day off from writing.
Sometimes the spark plugs
just don't fire,
if you know what I mean.
I got a chance to rest
my blogging bone.

So, Memoirs of A Farm Wife-
if you're listening-
you had a great idea.

But it ain't happenin' here.

Not as long as there is

Not as long as
and really cool gadgets
are funner than