Friday, January 15, 2010

Sea Of Winter

There are days when
this cold winter seems as though
it will drag on forever...

Days when it seems
the warm sun
and green grass
and gentle breeze
will take too long to get here.

Days when I think
I will go crazy with waiting.

That I will wilt away
like dirty snow...

or float off
in an icy creek
with a thousand
lifeless leaves...

Sometimes I think
my bones are so cold
that they will crackle...
that my spirit is so blue
that it will collapse...
that the days are so dark
that the sunshine
will never again
slice through them
and find my face.

I'm afraid time will stop here.
In this cold place.
This bitter season.
This space of frozen days.
Like a broken train
that stops on rusty tracks
and never runs again.

I think sometimes
that the snow
will fold me up
into it's quiet cave
and muffle all my attempts
to escape.
That it will lay me down
in a bed of frost
and torture me
beyond recognition.

Sometimes it seems
there is no lifesaver
on this sea of winter.
No rescue boats.
No shore.

Sometimes I fear
that if spring does not come soon,
I will sail across the fields-
sweep over the edge of the world...
and never be warm again.