Sunday, January 3, 2010

He Popped The Question!!!

Dearest Cindy,

I can think of no better way to start the new year 
than to know for certain that you 
will be my daughter-in-law. 
(Although I began to suspect it would happen 
the first time our son brought you home.) 
It was almost as though he wasn't worried
that we might tell you all the crazy, 
embarrassing family stories. 

Jake just stood there and beamed when he introduced you that day. 
And he has never stopped beaming. 

You have captured his heart 
and I know it is in good hands forever.

Thank you for loving him.

When he was growing up, we always said that we couldn't have gotten a better son if we had ordered him custom made. 
He was sweet, but tart- 
smart, but humble- 
and cute, but bashful. 

Now we will have a custom made daughter-in-law, too. 
Everything we could have mixed together on our own- 
all the special traits we could have imagined.
We love you.
The entire family loves you.

Your life together is open. 
Like a story ready to be written...

Make sure it includes lots of hugs 
and adventure 
and respect. 

Fill it with the little things like love letters 
and warm towels 
and wild flowers. 

Take time for sunsets 
and old movies 
and date night. 

Let him sleep when he's a grouch. 

Remember that he doesn't like tomatoes. 

And just give in if he wants to go eat chicken tacos at 2 a.m.

Don't forget that fights are part of the story,
but making up is crucial to happily ever after.

Don't go to bed mad
or leave the house mad.

Let his memory linger on your smile
throughout a difficult day.

Listen to other's advice,
but follow your own heart.

What goes on behind closed doors
should stay behind closed doors.
(That's why the door is closed in the first place).

Feed his temper with sweetness.
Sprinkle his worry with hope.
Sow your home with faith and love.

And give us a grand baby ASAP!

Mom Number 2
and Dad Number 2