Monday, January 18, 2010

It Finds You

Yesterday was the start of
Hunt For Happiness Week.

I just now started hunting.

Been sitting here with a net
for nearly an hour
and nothing has come my way yet.

I looked in my bank account.
Wasn't there.

Got on the bathroom scale.
Oh, hell no- it wasn't there.

Checked the mirror.

Looked outside at the rain and fog.
Not seeing it.

I think my happiness is hiding
somewhere on a brown beach
where starfish sparkle in the moonlight
and I drink frosty, fruity drinks from
a tall glass with an umbrella.

I think my happiness is somewhere
in a forest,
snuggled in a little log cabin
with a fire glowing,
and a stew cooking,
and no worries.

I think my happiness is
on a mountaintop
where the snow falls in giant flakes
and I'm watching it from an
enormous window in a pine lodge
drinking buttered rum
and soaking in the hot tub.

I think my happiness is
lurking in the aisles of
small clothing
and long rows
of tasty wine.

I think happiness is
in a can of fresh paint,
a dozen tulip bulbs,
a purple sunset.

Is happiness hiding under
the pine boughs
and icy mist
and the muddy ground?

Is it something I already own?
That I possess?

I realize that I just have to open my eyes.
Happiness is here.

In my own house.
My favorite chair,
Black coffee.
Warm sweater.
A good life.

Happiness is not something you find.
It finds you.
But you have to keep the door open.

When it gets close,
grab it and pull it in.
And love it gently.

Be forever grateful.
Humble in it's glory.

Remember: Tomorrow is my experiment
with Tech-Free Tuesday.
I'll be back Wednesday with a
Fail or Pass report card.
Have a great day.

And let Happiness find you!