Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Good Snow

Well, they are saying that
the snow is on it's way!

That means two things:
1. People of all sorts of weirdness
will be crawling out of the
woodwork today to  stock up 
on beer, bread and milk.
2. I stocked up yesterday.

Pretty smart, huh?
There was no way I was gonna fight
any blue hair for the last carton
of cottage cheese!
Last time I did that- 
she put me in a camel clutch!

I think they are predicting five inches,
but it might as well be five feet.
Every loaf of bread and milk
will be gone from the shelves.

And, for heaven's sake-
why bread and milk?
Why not chocolate and pizza?
That's what I call stocking up!

Make fun all you want-
but I don't drive on the stuff.
I have a hard enough time
aiming my car down a winding road
on a clear sunny summer day.
Add darkness, snow, below-zero temps 
and a frosty windshield-
then you might as well be
riding with Toonces.

I kind of like staying inside-
all warm and cozy.
There is something about 
a winter storm that makes 
slippers feel warmer,
Campbell's soup taste better,
and even old movies seem more endearing.

A good snow can give that
old brown yard a great new coat-
can hide that ugly lawn ornament
that you got as a gift, 
and can indicate that your dog
had a sufficient bowel movement
this morning.

A good snow can make you
appreciate 90 degree weather,
sandy beaches,
and sunburned noses...
hoeing the garden...
mowing the yard...
and catching fireflies...

A good snow can bring the family closer.
It can bring out the board games
and the popcorn-

and sometimes the oil lamps
and the ghost stories.

A good snow can make you
love the mailman, 
the snow plower,
and Snuggie makers.

A good snow makes for
a great afternoon nap on the couch,
a hot bubble bath,
and a round of Scrabble.

And, in the end,
when the snow is blowing,
the wind is howling, 
and it's not fit outside
for man nor beast-
bring out the milk
and bread
and beer-
and have a little party!