Monday, January 25, 2010

Snap! Crackle! Pop!

I'm here once again to share
an odd holiday.
If it wasn't for quirky blogs like mine,
how else would you know
that today is
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

Bubble Wrap is one of those funny things
that you don't really think about
until you need to utilize it.
Kinda like Scotch tape, toilet paper, and
postage stamps.
It's nice to have extra on hand
in case of a bubble wrap emergency.

Bubble wrap isn't just for
cushioning packages for a trip
across town anymore.
It can be used in all sorts of
creative and useful ways.

1. Insulation
Wrap your favorite canned beverage
in a sleeve of bubble wrap at
your next party or get together.
People will admire your "greenness".
And not only does it keep your can cool,
it also lets you makes little farty noises
when things become boring.

2. Insect Repellent
Did you realize that mosquitoes
cannot penetrate bubble wrap?
Clothe your body in layers of wrap,
paying special attention to make
a double layer at the ankles
and neck.
Those little suckers will leave you alone
for the entire outdoor concert
or Forth of July celebration.
You might look kind of weird, though,
so shy away from cameras
and video equipment if at all possible.

3. Greenhouse
Frost warnings?
Take your trusty bubble wrap
and give your tomato plants
or favorite flowers
a nice plastic blanket.
They will love you for protecting them
from the elements-
although your tomatoes
will may taste like plastic
and your flowers grow in artificial.

4. Bedding
Why spend enormous amounts of
money on Memory Foam mattress pads?
Giant bubble wrap provides
a comfortable base of floating air
when placed beneath a cotton sheet.
The only draw back is when you
try to turn over.
Then the room sounds like
a fireworks factory
or a day of double fiber.

5. Privacy
Worried about the nosy neighbors
seeing something they shouldn't?
Drapes and curtains made from
bubble wrap distorts the view
and discourages peeping eyes
from your business.
Just don't light a match
or your window coverings
could go up in toxic flames.
Yet, that is a small sacrifice to make
just to be able to sleep in the nude.

However you pop it, poke it, or
play with it,
bubble wrap remains
one of those endearing things
that people just like to have around.

Have fun with yours today!