Monday, September 20, 2010

We Are Family

Okay- so I'm getting old.
And forgetful.

It seems that my sisters and I
have been having our Sister Weekends
for 16 years, not 15.
And my sister Barb has been gone 6 years,
not 5.

But, I had a great weekend
with the girls
and a much needed getaway.

We went to yard sales
and I got a few Christmas items
for my holiday party.

We stopped and ate lunch at
a little Amish Deli
and sat on the picnic tables
and ate sandwiches,
pickled eggs,
and a pumpkin roll.

Some nice ladies took our picture,
but I look like I
swallowed that pumpkin roll
all by myself.

But here's a few of the store front:

Then, later we went to
the Cave Winery:

Some of us had wine.
All of us had cheese and crackers.

Even the owners dog:

We decided to buy some balloons
and write messages on them
to our sister Barb-
and let them loose here:

My little sister Tina
pressed too hard with the Sharpie
and busted her balloon.
So I told her she could tie
onto mine.

Here are Linda's and Jewel's balloons:

Here's mine and Tina's:

But, I think Barb got a real good laugh
out of that, so we were happy.

Then we ate lunch on Saturday
at an old soda shop:

The food was good,
but the company was better.

I love you guys...
Thanks for making me laugh
and feel young
and wonder if we all have
a crazy gene somewhere!

Seated: Jewel
Linda, Tina, and Pumpkin Roll.