Friday, September 17, 2010

15 Years

I'm getting ready to spend the weekend
with my sisters!

It's our official Sister Weekend-
and also our 15th anniversary
of sharing special time together.

(I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters! )

It all started when my sister Barb turned 50.
We decided that life was short
because we were all getting older.
Time was passing faster than we realized.

So, we created Sister Weekend.
It became our chance to be simply sisters-
(and not just wives and moms and grandmas).
It was our time to reconnect-
rejoice in our family ties.

We usually get a motel room
and go to yard sales
and flea markets-
and have a nice dinner somewhere-
before sliding into pajamas
and having our slumber party.

Fifteen years later,
Barb is no longer with us.
This Sunday marks five years ago
that she passed away from colon cancer.

But, she is always here with us-
laughing at our stupid antics-
leading us to the best garage sale treasures-
crying with us as we remember times gone by.

And, our mom is there, too-
enjoying the love and memories
that we share on our special weekend.

I will try to post pictures,
but we rarely get any good ones.
We aren't model material, to say the least.
We are more like BEFORE pictures
in a makeover contest.

But, Barb would want us to
be free spirited and confident.
She would want us to be ourselves,
nomatter what size or age.
And she would want us to snap pictures-
because some day-
that may be all we have left
of one another.

So, if you happen to see
four rockin' chicks
at the next yard sale-
look for the two angels following them.

We're gonna have a good, good time...