Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leaving Footprints

I'm still here.
And I want to thank you all
for your kind comments yesterday.

I rarely have bad days.
I try to stay positive and humorous,
but sometimes it's just too hard
to suck it all in...
To pretend that life is a big circus
and the clowns are really funny-
when you really just feel like
the marching elephants are
suffocating you and you wanna
smack Bozo upside his freakin' head.

I don't cuss, but that's pretty darn close.)

But today is good,
A breath of sweet air.
A cool September day
all spread out before me
like a new canvas...

I've given some more thought
to this blogging business.
But, it's really not a business, is it?
It's just a glorified diary.
I let myself get too caught up in it.
My expectations are too high.
I need to just sit back and realize
that I'm not being graded.
This isn't a test.

My blog is a set of footprints
that I'm leaving in the sand.
Sometimes I see other footprints
following me-
other days, I'm all alone on this
literary beach.

But it's okay.
How could I not write?
It saves me from drowning
when the waves get too big.

Besides, the best season is yet to come...

If I quit blogging,
who would share with me
how perfect the trees are in their yellow skirts-
how puffs of inky clouds dance above the empty fields-
how the harvest moon smiles like a man in love...?
Who would know how soft and warm my home is-
how tattered my favorite sweater?
How glorious the pumpkin bread smells
right from the oven?
If I failed to write,
who would share the first snowfall,
the glitter of festive pine trees,
the taste of cold eggnog
and the euphoria of a great shopping adventure?

Who would share the pumpkins
and caramel apples
and the feeling of being wrapped up
in a flannel shirt that smells like hazelnuts?

Who would help taste the roast turkey
and sugar cookies
and cheap wine drank from
mason jars?

Who would help me make resolutions,
encourage me to improve,
or follow me into an unknown new year?

I cannot stop.
I just can't.

But, I warn you-
if you hang out here much-
be prepared for pity parties
and stupid circus clowns-
as well as days that are
just too amazing to describe.

I see the beach now.
All grand and glorious
with a new sunrise-
and it makes me smile.

I'm leaving my footprints.

In life,
sometimes that's all you really need.