Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Husband!

                                                     September 24, 1975

Thirty-five years...

I'll never forget when we first met...

You were gentle. Unselfish. Handsome in a way I can't describe- 
and I loved you in a way that can't be undone.


There were wide, full days of sunshine. Of laughter and kisses. And care-free afternoons of dreaming out loud and loving without boundaries. There was softness and sweetness and an excitement in the air that surrounded us in peace.

Yes, there were tears. There were days of excruciating heartache- of quiet fears- of uncertainty and anger. There were trials and misunderstandings and tests of our faith. There were nights with no kisses, days with no music, times when we doubted ourselves and disliked each other.
But we refused to stay there- in that pool of pity. We always stood up and found a way out. Held hands. Embraced. Apologized. Learned. Grew. Survived.


Your hair has grayed. (Mine changes monthly). Our bodies are spongy and thicker and our eyesight blurry. But your face on your pillow is the best thing I see in the morning and my favorite thing at night. We still dance. We still share. We still continue the vows we made those long years back.

Thank you for finding me. For letting yourself be found. Thank God we stayed together- when leaving was easier. 
For trying- when giving up seemed right. 
For changing- even when it hurt.

Thank you. For making me laugh. Dream. Feel alive.

Thirty-five years...Here's to many more.

I love you.