Friday, September 24, 2010

Punctuation Station

Today is Punctuation Day.


It's raining here.................

Typical fall day. (In Illinois).

But, it brings on the inevitable: sleep pants all day.

Would you like some coffee?

" It's the best part of waking up."

I think I'll have a bagel {cream cheese and cinnamon added}.

I rarely go back to bed on days like this; I'm afraid I'll miss something.

Like -  crappy mud puddles in the driveway, leaves falling off the trees,
the garbage man, or Oprah.

Think I'll  chill/nap/relax/meditate most of the day.

And- hey- if you're some fancy English professor
(or language aficionado), and I've misused these punctuations,
I have just one thing to say: