Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Not Too Late

I think it's time to take our country back.

Back from corrupt politicians,
special interest groups gone awry,
and criminals that exploit the legal system.

It's time to take more money home in our paychecks,
pump more gasoline for our dollar,
and feed our families with American produce.

It's time to crush sexual abuse in this nation,
such as pedophiles and rapists and child porn.
Just slap those beasts in prison and lock them up for good.
(Without flat screen TV's, steak dinners, room service
cell phones and special privileges.)

It's time to seal the borders and keep out
illegal aliens-
be it Mexican, Russian, Muslim, or any other foreigner
that takes advantage of our democracy with a free ride-
or that poses a danger to the security of our
homes and our families.

It's time to make the government answer for
its reckless spending,
outrageous lies,
and oppressive laws that bind our freedoms. 

It's time to sanctify marriage again.
To unite men and women in holy matrimony
and bring substance to wedding vows once more.

It's time to re-establish the family unit again.
To share dinners at the table,
to have parents that discipline their children,
and to have children that respect and admire their parents.

It's time to stop the greed
and the grudges
and the selfishness.
It's time to put an end to materialism,
fascism, tyranny, fraud,
and growing socialism.

It's time to bring back pride in our flag,
prayer to our schools,
hope to our children,
and love to our neighbors.

It's time to renew feminine women
and masculine men-
and considerate children that have
chores and responsibilities
and that fear punishment.

It's time to make English our one and only language.
And democracy our one and only government.

It's time to feel safe in our homes again,
comfortable in our neighborhoods,
and secure in our religion.

It's time to stop all the Hollywood garbage.
It's time to disregard the drugged-up, dysfunctional stars
(such as Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan
and Chris Brown)-
and look up to respectable new heroes.

It's time to pray,
to overcome,
to rise up
and to be heard.

It's time to take back our individuality,
our children,
our future
and our country.

It's time to say no
to terrorists,
and embezzlers.

It's time to lift our heads,
follow our hearts
and find our way through this filth-
to conquer our fallacious leaders,
revere good men,
and bring our country back to the
American people.

In memory of those who gave their lives
September 11, 2001.