Monday, August 31, 2009

A Brief Intermission

Since the Labor Day weekend
is coming up,
I've decided to take some
much needed time away
from the computer
and try to concentrate on
some fall cleaning,
canning veggies,
and doing some
all-out soul searching.

I'll be back on September 8.

Hopefully with clean closets,
quarts and quarts of pickles
and tomatoes put away
for the winter,
and a better sense
of direction in my life.

Sorry to all of my favorite bloggers-
as I may or may not
take the time to visit and
comment on your sites.
But know that I'm thinking of you all
and hoping your days are all
bright and creative.

And to all of my faithful readers-
you are the foundation of my days
and I appreciate that you
take the time to visit.

I'll fill you all in next time
on the 61 miles of yard sales,
the start of my new diet,
and other things that
I think about
when I'm not napping...

Please come back and see me.
Thanks for sharing!