Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Handyman Can

A few weeks ago
I wrote about the
mess my bathroom was in
because of a little
remodeling project
that was taking place.

I know that those of you
who have never had to
live with the chaos of
mass destruction
have no idea
what greeted me for
days and days-
every time
I walked into the bathroom.

It started here:

Progressed to here:

And it kept evolving:

I realized that sometimes
I do take for granted
the fact that
my husband is very handy
at almost every project
that presents itself.

No need to ever call a
carpenter or plumber
or electrician.

Lay tile?
Fix a leaky faucet?
Build a doghouse?

My handyman can!

But one thing you've
got to realize is that
I am one darn good gopher!

I bet I made 2,198 trips to
the garage,
762 to town,
1500 to the fridge for beer,
sweat 16 tons of perspiration,
broke two nails,
resorted to mid-afternoon
margarita breaks,
and watched over
my handyman's
shoulder throughout
the entire project.

Group effort!
Team work!
That's our motto!

And now,
I'm finally reaping the rewards.

At last......