Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm A Not Ready For Prime Time Player

My family keeps asking me why
I'm not on FaceBook, My Space, or Twitter.
Granted, I spend three-fourths
of my life at the computer,
but those social sites just don't
interest me.

Maybe because I'm anti-social.

Maybe because I'm still having
problems learning to use
my cell phone.
Because text-ing for me is like
learning Chinese Algebra-
and I still can't figure out
how to get to those
78 voice mails.

To try and understand
stuff about posting to a wall
or conveying my mood
or slathering big fat photos
of my life where everyone
can have a good laugh-
is just a bit much for me right now.

I'm more concerned about
what I'm going to do with the
rotten chicken in my fridge
that I thawed and forgot about
than I am about that gal I
rode the bus with my Freshman year
that "hearts" horses.

My Space sounds so egotistical-
so paranoid.

My Space-
Hey-don't step over the line!

My Space-
So much better than Your Space.

My Space-
Aren't I special?

And Face Book-
Sounds like something you'd
study in the plastic surgeons office.

Or downtown at the police station.

Don't even get me started on Twitter.

When an old friend of mine
told me she Twittered,
I advised her it might be
a good idea too keep that
to herself-
or get some marriage counseling.

I guess I'll just stay safe in Blog Land.
Sounds like a place you might
get stuck in.
Like quicksand.

And, I guess I am.
But I'm perfectly happy here.

I "heart" blogging!

(Thanks to M.A. Fat Woman for
today's blog inspiration!)