Friday, August 7, 2009

Celebrate Simplicity!

Since I don't usually post on weekends,
I couldn't let Saturday go by
without letting you know that it is
officially Garage Sale Day.

To me, that ranks right up there
with Cheesecake Day and Nap Day.

Like I've said before,
I have practically furnished my house
with yard sale finds.
Not because I had to-
but because I wanted to.

I always like the thrill of
finding the weird, unusual,
quirky, or antique.
But I also love shiny
and glittery
and over-the-top items.
Mixed together-
they just somehow
reflect my inner personality.

My mom was a giant yard sale fan.
She paved the way for my sisters and I-
and taught us the art of bargaining,
and imagining the possibilities
of some old dusty picture frame
or forsaken doll.

My sisters and I try to spend
at least two weekends together a year
just going to garage sales.
By now we have perfected our radar
and can usually tell with a simple glance
if it is just a drive-by (D.B.)-
or a Jump-Out-and Grab. (J.O.G.).

We like the J.O.G.'s.
But, we do get a lot of D.B.'s.
Yet, in the end, it's worth the look.

What is really the best part of
garage sales is that
we share some wonderful time together.
We are uninhibited,
and adventurous.
We eat till it ouches us,
laugh till we pee our pants,
and reminisce till the tears
start to flow.

And after we've come back home
and placed all our yard sale
treasures in their special places,
they become constant reminders
of our weekends.
Of stupid jokes
and ugly outfits
and snoring
and dying hair
and tall cool drinks
and dusty feet
and tired backs
and sudden stops
and sign language
and cool junk.

What more could a woman want?

So, if you aren't a garage sale person,
at least try it for one day.
Tomorrow is your chance to take
advantage of a special holiday.

You may not unearth a hidden
or find the matching gravy bowl
to your grandma's china-
but you just might find
that the morning air is sweet,
a dollar buys a lot,
and the simple things in life
are the very best things.

Happy Garage Sale Day, Mom!