Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Favorite Finds

Hear that?

Well, it's the sound of
my change purse
rattling with lots of coins.

I've been dumping over drawers
and ashtrays
and car seats
and sofa cushions
and looking under beds,
and rugs-
to scavenge any loose change.

Why? you may ask.

Because next week
is Sister Weekend
and the four of us are
headed out to Highway 61-
and a hundred miles of

I'm getting anxious
and so is my husband.

In a different kind of way,
of course.

He's worrying about what kind
of junk I'll haul home-
fearful I'll take up precious
garage space.

But, in perspective,
I have done quite well
on my scavenger hunts
to sales and resale shops and
Looking around my house,
I realize I have a thing
for art and oddities.

Here are some of my favorite
"found" goodies!
(None of these items were over $5)
Most were $1-$2)

Little lamp and retro dial phone
($6 total)

Linda found this lady as a joke
at a Sister Weekend yard sale-
and I love it!

So- Hey-
go out and do some salvaging of your own!
Route 61
Here We Come!!!!