Monday, August 17, 2009

Cupcake Tuesday

Tomorrow is Cupcake Day
and I am always ready to celebrate
anything that has to do with sweets.

So, believe me,
cupcakes will most certainly be
on tomorrow's menu.
And maybe even tonight-
(just to prepare early, you understand).

The fantastic thing about cupcakes
is that they are already portioned out
for the perfect dessert.
No cutting, slicing, or dividing.
Just roll down the cute little
cupcake paper,
and it's ready to devour!

My niece Lyndsey is
a cupcake baker.
And she reminds me of a cupcake.
Little, sweet and colorful.
She has created cupcakes for every occasion.
(check out her website at

And that's another great thing
about cupcakes-
you can get creative with them
and make them all different-
dozens and dozens of them-
all lined up
with confetti and sparkles
and rolls of cream cheese frosting and
little plastic smiley faces
and delicate flowers
and chocolate flakes.

Personally, I like the
cream cheese frosting.
I would eat anything topped with
cream cheese frosting.
Oh, yeah, cardboard is good-
as long as it has
a thick layer of creamy icing!

The first memory I have of
eating a cupcake is when I was
in third grade.
A fellow student, Susan Weidigar,
had a birthday and her mom
baked cupcakes and brought them
to school.

We were all excited!
Cupcakes were so much better
than the stewed apples,
floppy canned peaches,
and runny chocolate pudding
that they served in the school cafeteria.

But, our smiles wilted immediately
when Susan announced that they were
carrot cupcakes.
Who in their right mind would
make those sugary little delights
with stupid carrots?

Well, I think all of us third graders
learned a lesson that day.
We discovered that we liked
carrot cupcakes and
that we should always try new things.

I still blame Susan
for my intense love of carrot cake.
It's all her fault that I drool
over the snacks at the
convenience store
and am drawn into bakeries
like a zombie after flesh.

(I hate you, Susan.
Just thought I'd let you know).

It's just a good thing that I
don't live close to Lyndsey.
I'm afraid she might get tired
of me begging to lick the beaters,
sample the product,
or rummaging through the garbage
for the experiments gone wrong.

But no matter how you celebrate,
please do so in moderation,
but with a admiration for those
cute little cakes
that made third grade
my favorite year of all!