Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miles of Smiles

Well, it's great to be back
in my blogging world,
but I was hoping my brain
would be bursting with
all new and improved posts.

Not likely.

If anything, my little reprieve
just made me more lazy
and a bit more cynical toward
my writing.

(And I am back on my old computer
because the ACER is being
repaired for the third time.)
Make a note of that when you go to buy
a new one, please.

But, I did miss all of you!

The 61 miles of yard sales
came with good weather
and it stretched out for three days.
We started Thursday afternoon
and finished up Saturday morning.

Somehow I was elected once again
to keep a running total of
how many sales we hit
and a tab on who spent what.

Apparently my sisters don't realize
that I am horrible with numbers.
I have to use ESP to balance my checkbook.
(Error Some Place).

We went to 63+ sales
and spent a total of $158.50.

That's not bad.
Considering we have spent
almost as much at local Saturday sales.
You have to realize of course,
that we couldn't purchase large items
or furniture- due to car space.

I think the majority was clothing.
jewelry, and household items.

The total did not include our meals
or water breaks, or candy bar snacks.
Or the bake sales, cookies,
or muffins that greeted us
on our journey.

I was a little disappointed,
though at the time it was fun
being with the girls
and breaking away from real life stuff.
I am so thankful that we have
this yearly tradition of
Sister Weekend.

It was relaxing to sit in the back seat
and watch the scenery-
anxious for the next stop
and hoping it is full of treasures.

But, it's also good to be back home-
relaxing in my desk chair,
watching the blogging world-
hoping I can spit out at least
one more good entry
before month's end.

Coffee's hot.
Slipper's are warm.
My old computer is humming like a 747.

Life is good.