Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy Eights Survey

One of my new blogging friends, Mrs. C,
has tagged me with a Crazy Eight survey-
or questionnaire, or whatever you call
those subtlety-revealing inquisitive
Face-booky kinda Q&A forms.

And so I'm here today to reply
and to give you a further insight
into what makes me tick-
or rattle- or coo-coo.
(Or whatever...)

Eight Things I Enjoy:

1. throwing theme parties
2. Yard sales
3. my grandchildren/children
4. cheesecake & hot coffee
5. silence
6. autumn walks
7. good music
8. my husband's kisses

Eight Favorite Movies:

1. Lonesome Dove
2. Heart and Souls
3. On Borrowed Time
4. It's a Wonderful Life
5. Nat. Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
6. Darby O'Gill and the Little People
7. Somewhere in Time
8. You Can't Take it With You

Eight Places I Want To Live:

1. a log cabin in the woods
2. a little cottage in the mountains
3. a private beach house
4. a tree house
5. a hobby farm
6. a rustic ranch
7. a stone house
8. wherever my family is

Eight Things On My Bucket List:

1. Own a cabin in the woods
2. See the Grand Canyon
3. Take a cruise
4. Be a great grandma
5. Be a size 7
6. Write and publish a book
7. Travel more
8. Clean my closets

Eight Things I Want in a Mate:

1. humor
2. compassion
3. romance
4. love
5. a great smile
6. unselfishness
7. have great work ethic
8. be a good father

So- there you have it!

Now- if you take a few things in each category,
my life would be perfect!

I can see me now...

...A size seven- in a log cabin in the woods-
...eating cheesecake and drinking hot coffee-
...watching Christmas Vacation-
...and laughing with my husband- newly finished novel stacked on the desk
...along with a dozen cruise brochures...

they don't call it
CRAZY eights for nothin', you know!