Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Imagining Angels

I believe in angels.

I believe that there have been times in my life
when I was protected and guided
by a holy hand.
Moments of miracles
that defy explanation.
A sweet presence that steered my decisions
or altered my direction.

Everyone needs a guardian angel
at some point in their life.
And if you don't believe that God
sends messengers or protectors
to watch over us,
then you can surely believe
that there is a greater force
in this universe
that can effect your life
in a positive way.

Just by imagining an angel
surrounding you as you start a new day
is- in itself- an act of faith.
A spiritual aura
that will set your mind
thinking of good and not evil,
happiness instead of sadness,
love and not hate.

This old world is hard.
In my belief- a person does not
make it through by fate or luck.
To me, there is a God
who has placed every individual here
for a unique purpose.
We don't know what that purpose is.
And will probably never know.

I read a book by Robert Morgan
called The Truest Pleasure.
Back in the 1900's Ginny marries Tom
and they share a hard life on the farm.
At first Ginny despises Tom for
taking her away from her home
and her parents
and her safe world.

Then he gets sick and she has to take care of him.
All the while Ginny thinks to herself
that she is living to serve Tom-
that God put her in that position
to nurse him, follow him and serve him.
She grows bitter.

Over the years, she finally sees
the beauty of the land, the farm,
and Tom's true love for her.

In the end, Ginny finally
comes to realize that she wasn't
put there by God to help Tom-
but, ironically, Tom was
there to help her.

That his life touching her life
had made her a better person.
That what she thought was
important as a young bride
no longer mattered.

And by being on this earth-
by simply being alive-
Tom had shown her that
the truest pleasure was love.
God sent him for her,
not the other way around.

So, you never know
what your purpose is-
or what the purpose of those
around you.
That's why we must open our hearts
and be kind and loving people.
We should ask God for help
with whatever concerns us.

He listens.

And I believe that
sometimes he sends angels.

(Friday Oct. 2nd is Guardian Angel Day.)