Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thrifty Wipes

With the economy like it is,
I've been one of the many consumers
that have taken steps to save money
and utilize creative spending.

I've discovered that there are
generic products
that are just as good or better
than their more expensive competitors.
Kidney beans.
Tomato soup.
Canned pineapple.

But one thing I have also learned
is that you just don't scrimp
on certain things.

Take for instance, paper towels.

I had been using Viva forever.
It was thick and absorbent-
(somewhere between a maxi-pad
and a Sham-Wow).
Most times it was more towel
than I needed-
lots of it going to waste on
a tiny coffee spill
or a dead ant.

I usually got my paper towels
at WalMart for a good price-
one thin roll for under a dollar.
I thought that was reasonable-
considering they could practically
be washed, dried and
used as a baby trampoline.

But then the price starting rising.
So I started looking at the other brands.
They looked good.
White. Fat. Thick. Quilted. Cheap.

One thing I do want to say is-
"What's up with the Teddy Bears?"
Who wants a bunch of goofy Teddy Bears
printed on their paper towels?
Or mushrooms?
Or hearts and puppies?

What's with that, anyway?

Eventually, I gave up the Viva
for Brawny.
Now, it wasn't quite as absorbent,
but worked perfectly for my needs
and whisked up my culinary
catastrophes without much waste.

Then I got to thinking if
Brawny was okay-
then how about going even cheaper?
Like Sparkle, or Decorator Towels
or Generic Wipes.

Take it from me-
don't go there.
Those fat double rolls are deceiving.

I found myself rolling off three-
four- sometimes five sheets
at a time, just to soak up
a half dozen sausage links
or a leaky taco.

They were a cross between
cheese cloth and butterfly wings.

And they disappeared like crazy.
One minute, the dispenser was
stuffed with a giant roll,
then the next thing I knew-
the cardboard cylinder appeared.

As disappointed as I was,
I still haven't gone all the way back
to buying Viva.
I've kept a moderate priced
paper towel in my kitchen lately
and I'm satisfied it will do
any dirty job I encounter.

And I love rubbing those
little Teddy Bear faces
in all kinds of crap!