Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Newest Favorite Things

When it comes to
trying new things,
most times I'm like an old dog.

But, lately I've made an effort
to expand my choices beyond
the tried and true
and- at the very least-
try something once.

Here's a list of my
New Favorite Things:

Favorite new Cleaning product:
Even though I have twelve hundred
cleaning products under my kitchen sink,
they all seem inadequate at one point or another.
And I bet 90 percent of them are
lemon or pine scented.
Well, out came Mr. Clean with Febreeze-
and what a breath of fresh air!
Not only does it smell nice-
it seems to do a good job on most
cleaning projects.
Favorite new Laundry product:
Call me lazy.
Or just call me innovative.
But what could be more simple
than Purex 3 in 1?
It's detergent in a sheet form-
(about the size of a dryer sheet).
You toss it in the wash-
and it is soap.
Remove it along with your
clean clothes and, once in the dryer,
it serves as a static guard
and a fabric softener.
I love the idea of no measuring
or spilling and it's not like a
heavy, bulky bottle of detergent.
I found out that the Rain scent
smells a lot like a man's after shave-
or as my daughter says-
like an old lady perfume.
So, steer away from that if you have
an aversion to those smells.
My choice is the Tropical scent-
and so far I've had no complaints.
For you avid Tide users-
Purex may not be the top cleaning source-
but I wash mostly work clothes and towels,
so it meets my needs fairly well.

Favorite new Recipe:
I found a great recipe on a blog
that I have tried twice already
and personally enjoy.
It's a great Tortellini Salad.
Not only does it taste good-
but it's easy, to boot!
Go to:

for details.
I use an extra bottle of the dressing-
just because I happen to like my pasta salads
very moist-
and I am tempted to toss in some
feta cheese and tomatoes.
Maybe next time!

Favorite new Snack:
Besides the Tortellini Salad above,
I've had a craving for
Tostito's Creamy Spinach Dip.
I wasn't sure if I'd like it,
but lately it's been my choice of
an afternoon pick-me-up snack
when dinner seems too far away.
Paired with baked corn chips,
it doesn't take much to satisfy
that tummy growl.
And if you're not counting calories-
it's also great with Hawaiian bread
instead of the traditional dill dip.

Favorite new TV Program:
Since all my favorite fall shows
are in rerun status,
it's been pretty boring when
the TV comes on each evening.
One summer show that premiered
last year is Wipeout-
and since the choices are slim,
it has become my new favorite.
There is just something hilarious
about people falling and slipping
and breaking their faces open
that appeals to some
scary monster inside of me.

Favorite new Blog:
I follow lots of blogs lately.
Some favorites are:

These bloggers are just downright talented
and creative and always give me something
to think about.
My newest favorite is
Usually she's honest, funny and entertaining.

So, start thinking outside the box.
Try new things.
And get you some of that Tortellini Salad!