Thursday, July 2, 2009

The 4th Of July

It seems like only yesterday
that my brothers and sisters and I
scrambled to the top of the shed roof
for the best view of the fireworks.

The local country club
used to put on the
greatest show in town.
(Well, okay-
the only show in town).

Our hot, sticky bodies
took foothold in the honeysuckle vines
and lifted our way to the
warm asphalt shingles
and a view of the open sky.

How lucky we were
to live in the country!

We were no strangers to
fireflies, mosquitoes,
chiggers and ticks.

But, yet, we were blessed
with colorful sunsets,
fresh wild blackberries,
cornfields of dreams
and skies of perfect clouds.

I could almost bet
that we were more well behaved
on that shed roof
than we were in church.

Excitement ran through our veins.
We could not help but snuggle
and bond
as we waited impatiently
for that first pop of color
to light up the night.

We oooohhhed and ahhhed
and giggled
and applauded.
We tried to guess how high
the next explosion would be-
or what color-
or shape.

That fifteen minutes or so
of fireworks
lived in our minds for days.

And still lives in our memories
after all these years.

Even now-
when I hear a crackle-
or a pop-
and see that first streak of light
cut through the darkness
like a rainbow meteor,
I get excited.

And suddenly,
I am there again.
Up on the shed roof
watching the greatest show in town.

Have a safe and happy 4th!!!