Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dream Job

There never seems to be
anything positive in
the news anymore.

It's all about politics
and Wall Street
and dead movie stars.

We get undulated with
laws and regulations
and homicides.

What a wonder that
I actually ran across a very
interesting article yesterday
that could bring joy and happiness
to many women!

Scientists are looking for 40 women
that are willing to eat chocolate
every day for a year.

I'm in!!!

What a fantastic job!
What delicious benefits!

Researchers in England are
curious to find out if chocolate
can reduce the risk
of heart disease.

Most of the women will
have to eat two bars of
"super-strength chocolate-
specially formulated by Belgian chocolatiers."

Every day.
Every single day for 365!

Tell me I'm dreaming.

The others will have to eat
just regular chocolate.

I can go for that.

Where do I sign up?

I'm even ready to sacrifice
some things in my regular diet
to make up for the extra calories.

Things like toast, croutons,
mustard, and cinnamon.

If I were chosen,
I'd definitely consider it
to be my job for a year.

I would take it seriously.

Then, when my husband
got on to me for lounging
around in the evening-
stuffing chocolate into my face-
I could just turn to him and say,

"Look, Buddy- I'm workin' here.
I'm doin' this for science!"

But right now, I gotta quit blogging.
I'm off to England!!!