Friday, July 24, 2009

Bless You, Betty!

Do you hear that?

Listen closely...

Yes! It's my new wiener whistle!!!!

Brand- spanking new- Just out of the wrapper mini-frank!!!

And I have to thank one loyal follower for this great gift,
which I consider
a prestigious award.

It would have a special place
on my mantle - if I had a mantle.

Kinda like an Oscar or a Grammy.

I never get those cute Blogger awards
with artsy badges to display on my site.

But- hey- who needs them?


Wiener Whistle!!!!!

So- this is the story:

My sister Jewel called me up last week
after my
Wiener, Wiener, Wiener post
and said she found the following note
addressed to me on her desk at work.

Rae, I just wanted to make your day a little better on "National Hot Dog Day". THIS IS FOR YOU! And I want you to know that I had to sing the "Oscar Meyer" song to get this a year ago in Texas, and unlike your sister Jewel, I CAN'T SING!! Like you, I also never met a hot dog I didn't like. From one of your faithful readers...You make my day every morning when I read your blog and also, I like your sister Linda's replies. Both of you girls missed your should be writers!!! Keep it up. Love ya all, Betty Mullins

Now, I don't know about you, but
that puts a tear in my eye.
This world is still full of
wonderful people.

Betty- if I passed you on the street,
I wouldn't even know you.
But your kindness will always be
remembered and treasured
and your note and gift
is now among my most
prized possessions.

There are days when I'm tired
and uninspired and think that
I cannot possibly write another
blog post.
But, then I imagine (and hope)
there are invisible readers out there
that enjoy my daily ramblings.

It's great to have purpose.

This is to all of you!
Who have given me much more
than I have given you...

Thank you, Betty.
I am honestly honored.

Here's a big toot
on my wiener whistle
just for you!!

When I'm an old lady-
sitting out my golden years
by some obsolete computer-
trying to peck out a blog post
with arthritic fingers-
I will still have my wiener whistle.

And I will think of the day that Betty Mullins
selflessly sacrificed her own award
so that I could have my dream.

Toot! Toot!
Thank you, Betty-
I LOVE IT!!!!!!