Monday, April 27, 2009

One Step Forward- Two Steps Back

My husband and I took advantage
of the beautiful weekend
to do some much needed chores
and clean up around the house.

Why is it
that this morning
my house is in utter shambles?

Let me backtrack and see...

I had been after my husband
for months to buy and install
a new kitchen faucet for me.
Mine was double-handled,
made scary noises
and went out with bell-bottoms.

I was elated when we made a
quick trip to town for a
single handled modern faucet
and I couldn't wait to get
it installed.

"What tools do you need
besides a beer?", I asked my hubby,
trying to jump start our first project.

Just when I thought I
got it all together,
he informs me that
"all the crap"
under the sink needed moved, too.

Out it went onto the kitchen floor.

In I went under the kitchen sink.

It seems he decided to instruct me
on the fine art of plumbing.
Lucky I was too weak to twist the nuts
or I'd still be under there
cracking away with a crescent wrench.

So, eventually my new faucet
was shiny and operative-
but I had to leave all my cleaning
products on the floor
because we quickly moved on
to the next assignment.

We replaced the storm doors with
screens and wouldn't you know
that they were hidden behind
layers of stuff in the front closet.
I had to pull out all the winter
coats and jackets and
umbrellas and hats
and boxes of books
and photos
and seasonal decor
and lamps
and wall art
and toys-
to get to the screens.

It's great to have
a nice breeze through the
doors this morning,
but my front room
looks like a rummage sale,

it was on to cleaning
out the car trunk.
There we found a pile
of dirty work clothes
and they were thrown straight
onto the floor of
the laundry room.

There are grass clippings
needing swept,
an oil leak from the lawnmower
on the garage floor,
muddy shoes
from our plowed garden spot,
an old faucet to trash-
and some cardboard boxes
to burn.

we got a lot done this weekend.
But somehow...

it just don't feel right!