Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Luck- Or Faith?

Although my kids tease me
about my old-lady eyesight,
I always astound them
with my gift
of finding four leaf clovers.

In a sea of three-leaf look-alikes,
my eye seems to find the mutant,
the rebel,
the not-so-ordinary.

In a matter of minutes,
I can have a virtual
bouquet of four-leaf wonders.

When I was a little girl,
an elderly neighbor lady,
Mrs. Alden, taught me
to search closely-
to try and see each plant
individually and not
as a whole bed of clover.

"Look for the "Squares"
and not the "Triangles",
she'd tell me.

Perhaps that is why I still
see things differently-
why the uniqueness of
objects attract me.

I usually press my finds into a book,
but sometimes they are forgotten
and shrivel up
into crunchy green dust.
I regret it later-
that I didn't take the time
to preserve my lucky charms.

I had to mow the lawn the other day
and decided I would do a quick
scan of the clover bed
beneath the picnic table.

There was my first
four-leaf clover of the year!

I thought to myself-
too bad it's really not magic-
too bad it's not like a genie
and can grant me wishes.

But then-
as I began my mowing chores-
I had time to think more about it.

I am a lucky gal.

I am so blessed
with the family, husband,
children, and home
that I have.

My life is good,
and most times easy-
and I feel very loved.

I may not have
all the things I want.
But I have more than
I really need.

Call it luck, fate
or God's plan,
but however I have come
to experience these joys,
I feel thankful.

And I realize that God
does not see us as
an entire bed of clover,
but he sees us
as individuals.

That we are unique in his eyes
and he can see us amid
an ocean of pain
and uncertainty-
and can hear our prayers.

I just wanted to say
"Thanks, Lord"
for all your gifts.
For blessing me
with such "luck".

For seeing me
as the little square
that I am!