Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do You See What I See?

I've been trying to decide lately
if I want to have a yard sale
or simply haul my un-wanteds
to the Goodwill.

It seems only fair that
I give back to them
as much as I buy there.

If you haven't been
to your local Goodwill lately,
you ought to pop in
on a bright Saturday morning
and take your time browsing.

Sometimes you just
have to have "an eye"
for the stuff there.

I bought a really nice picture
an obscure western type
painting with great colors.
Most people would pass it up.

But I saw what it could be.

With a nice dark frame
and a brown mat,
I can see this as having
a prominent place
on one of my walls.

(See above photo.
I still have the $2.50
price sticker on it.)

A lot of things
can be salvaged with
a little paint.
Or- in some cases-
leave the aged look
for a nice effect.

I bought a white,
table-top plant stand
last week for a dollar.
It's going to look
great on my deck
full of petunias.

And I love keeping
an eagle eye out for
party ideas and accessories.

My big 70's Disco party
is slated for June
and so far I've discovered
wonderful cheap stuff
at the Goodwill
that I know I can incorporate
into the festivities.

(I'm still trying to find
an afro doll wig for
my flamingo)!

And even though Halloween
is way off-
I'm picking up a few
orange and black items already
to gear up for that party.

I rarely buy clothes
(other than costumes),
but yesterday I
found a great pair
of Ralph Lauren jeans
for five bucks
and some tops for
my granddaughter Chloe.
Aeropostle, Abercrombie,
and Mary Kate and Ashley
tees were only $2 each.
Beats full price any day.
And they were in like-new

I guess I got off track
about the yard sale thing.

On second thought-
maybe I'll just keep all my junk.

I'm sure I can find some use for it.