Friday, April 17, 2009

Love Beyond Measure

My first granddaughter turns
nine on Monday and her big
party is tomorrow.

It seems like only yesterday
that she was born.

Here's a little poem
that I wrote about her
a month before she came
into the world.

It's titled:

In A Little While

I went out to take a walk today
And saw some friends along the way-
Everyone I ran into
Was asking about YOU.

First I met a baby bee-
She came flying up to me-
All excited and barely humming-
"When is Baby Cady coming?"

"When is Cady coming?"
sang the sparrow-
"Today, tonight,
or to-morrow?"
Then a butterfly
came drifting by-
"When will Baby Cady be born?
Night or day or early morn?"

I shook my head,
"I cannot say
what time or hour
or even the day-
But I am anxious as all
the world to see-
Caydence smiling up at me."

Then I passed a baby deer-
"When will Cady Rae be here?"

"When is Cady coming?"
(They ask me still).

"I'll let you know-
I certainly will-
I'll announce it from
the highest hill!"

"When will Baby Cady come?"
Again they ask before I'm done)...

And I just answer
with a smile-

"In a little while..."

Caydence is my little light.
She shines the stars for me
and makes me laugh.
I love her beyond imagining.

Happy Birthday, Cady!