Thursday, April 23, 2009

And They Called It Macaroni

It's so refreshing to be able
to write about something today
that I absolutely love.


Tomorrow just happens to be
International Macaroni Day.

Otherwise known as pasta,
this versatile, multi-shaped
wheat product makes a
delicious entree,
side dish,
or snack.

Macaroni can be topped,
and sinfully smothered
with an assortment
of sauces, cheeses
and herbs-
it can be stuffed,
baked and buttered.

It can be served hot or cold
any time of day
and any day of the week.

Adults and children alike
enjoy macaroni-
and Kraft made
Macaroni and Cheese
a household name-
marketing the first
box in 1937.

I love spaghetti
and chili mac
and pasta salad
and just about every kind
of macaroni and
every kind of topping for it.

In the two decades from 1975 to 1995,
Americans increased their
pasta consumption by 90 percent.
However, a shift toward
low-carbohydrate diets
in the late 1990s began to
cause a drop in pasta sales.

Approximately fifty companies
produce virtually all the pasta made
in the United States through
266 establishments.

On average,
each American consumes
about 19 pounds of pasta a year.


Wait a minute.

On closer observation,
I realize that my calendar
doesn't say macaroni.

It says Marconi.
You know-
the Italian inventor
who developed the
wireless telegraph.

As Rosanne Rosanna Danna
would say-

Never mind!