Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Time is Near

Well, the weekly countdown is here
for the Halloween party
that I've been planning since
July 4th.

I can remember when my
computer reminded me
that there was 75 days, then 50...
Now it is only four days, ten hours,
and 2 minutes away.

I don't know why I get so crazy
about this stuff.
I think I just like the idea of
creating something where people
can have fun.
Halloween provides a great opportunity
for people to stretch their imaginations
and to let down their inhibitions.

Makeup, wigs, costumes, and accessories
all lend themselves to helping us be
someone different for just one night.
Maybe it goes back to those childhood days
of dress-up and pretend.

This party has also given me the chance
to learn to be creative with dollar store bargains,
rummage sale finds and Goodwill castoffs.
I try to imagine what kind of party
I would like to go to.
Is there cool music? Neat decor?
Plenty of food and drink? Friendly guests?

I usually end up going overboard
with details that no one ends up
noticing anyway.
But that's how I learn from one party
to the next, I guess.

My only wish from the whole event
is that people come, have fun, and
remember it as a great party.
So that they'll want to be part of it next year,too.

Yet, it is getting down to the wire
and I can feel the stress curling
up my spine-
and the overwhelming sense
that I will never get it all ready
or that I will forget something important.

My husband has already scolded me
for being so worried about the weather.
I get on the computer fifty times a day
hoping that the chance of precipitation
will reach zero and that the temps
will be bearable enough for
an outdoor party.
I know I can't change it, but it
comforts me to know what to expect.
Plan B just might have to materialize
whether I like it or not.

There is a huge downfall to theses parties
and that is the time when it's all over.
No, the clean up doesn't really bother me.
I usually have help, and it's good to get
everything out of the way
and back into the attic for another year.

It's a kind of sadness that comes later.
Like a post partum depression.
I plan and wait for this baby-
I gave birth,
and then it's over.

The only remedy for me
is thinking about the next party.
A spring Luau?
A White Trash Bash?
A Hoedown? Disco?

But this Saturday it's all going
to be about seeing the smiles
and hearing the laughter-
watching people sing karaoke,
enjoy a good hot dog,
model their costumes,
and relax around the bon fire.

What more could you want in a party?