Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear Man of Mine

Today is my husband's birthday.

We won't talk about which one he is celebrating,
how old he has turned,
or if there is more gray hair than last year.

We'll talk about other birthdays...

Remember back to the "hippie" times
when we were first married.

Back when his long hair
intertwined with mine
on the bed pillow-
When we would stay up late
and listen to Bob Dylan
or Gordon Lightfoot
spinning on the turntable-
Back when we would escape at 2 a.m
in our old blue Datsun
to eat breakfast
at the Lawrence Cafe.

We would smile across the table
at one another... hold hands... kiss...
I'd order French Toast
and he'd have eggs
and after our bellies were full
and our bodies grew tired
we'd go home
and collapse
on our water bed.

...And we had no concept of time.

We'll talk about the other birthdays
when our kids were young
Times when we'd cook a special cake-
all lopsided and ugly-
but full of love.
When we would make home made cards
with crayons and paste
and draw big hearts
and giant birthday candles-
and say "Make a wish, Daddy".

...And in a wink, the years flew by...

Then came the birthdays of late-
when our grandchildren joined us-
circled around a store bought cake,
generic cards,
and another new bottle of after shave.
And after the song was sung
they'd all go home-
scatter their separate ways-
and we'd finish off the ice cream
and watch reruns of Andy Griffith.

...And we began to feel the pull of time.

But today we are celebrating a new way.

I will say to him...
"Today I will be your hippie chick,
your pleasure slave,
your bride.
You will be twenty something again-
with that same sexy smile-
and dreams that carry promise.
We will sit cross legged on the floor
and sip wine
and wonder where
the years will take us.
We'll have German Chocolate cake
with a single candle-
and home made cards
signed with love
and I'll fry eggs
and make French Toast
and listen to Jackson Browne-
and you'll strum your guitar
and I'll sing
Happy Birthday
and we will lay our heads down together
on the same pillow
and smile
and know
that the years cannot
take away our memories.
And I will say thank you
for sharing your birthdays,
your life, your future -with me.

...Tonight we will have no concept of time.

Except -
I know what eternity is.
that's how long I'll love you.

Happy Birthday..."