Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Farewell to September

September came.

It marched right in through the front door
and smiled.
Brought with it cooler days and softer nights-
harvest colors and sweet perfumes-
It touched me on the cheek
with glowing moonlight-
embraced me with an autumn breeze-
and then
sat at my feet
waiting for me to notice.

I ignored September.
I was busy.
I went on about my business-
my daily chores-
the methodical process of living-

I forgot to smell the roses before they died.
Neglected to take long walks
and fly kites
and fish little bluegill from the shrinking pond.

September nudged me every so often-
Fluttered about my feet like a scarlet leaf-
Whispered summer songs of farewell
and tried to pull me into
the playground of life.

I had better things to do.
Laundry and cleaning
and sleeping and eating
and paying bills
and watching TV.

September sat in my lap-
Spread over me like a sweet jelly
that I had no taste for.
Cuddled with me like a affectionate puppy
that I dismissed.

It shouted and I did not hear.
It cried and I did not listen.

Then, finally, September
left out the back door-
taking with it
a charm bracelet of days
that I never got to wear.

Lessons I should have learned...
Memories I should have made...
But I was too busy to notice.

I see October sneaking in the doorway now.
With a Johnathan apple smile
and a big flannel hug-
it comes to me bearing gifts.

I must take them.
I must respect them.
I must not let these days pass
without ever having lived them.