Monday, October 13, 2008

Stars in My Eyes

I am not a big Hollywood fan.

Of course, I like to watch movies,
keep up a little with the TV celebrities,
and read a magazine once in awhile that
features a movie star's biography.

And, I suppose, there was a time
that I envied some of the actors and actresses.
Times when I sat doe-eyed in front
of the screen and wished
I was them.

The first time that happened
must have been when Shirley Temple
started dancing in the aisles-
flashing her dimples
and shaking her banana curls.
She had on a beautiful dress with
a can-can underneath
and little black Paten shoes-
(complete with neat-sounding taps.)

It wasn't so much the idea
that I wanted to have clothes like her,
but more the fact that
she was on "The Good Ship Lolly Pop".
In my mind I imagined swirls
of colorful candy covering the boat
from bow to stern.
I mean, who wouldn't want to be someplace
all sweet and gooey like that?

Then there was the Little Rascals.
They were so cool.
What a life! Getting to run around
town all day with your friends
and your dog,
building go-carts
and putting on neighborhood plays
and having a secret club house.
Being Darla Jean Hood
would have been the ultimate
in childhood dreams.

There was also a time I wanted to be
Mighty Mouse.
He could fly and fight and squeeze in
just about anywhere.
And he could eat all the cheese he wanted.
(Just thought I'd throw that one in there-
but, I do like cheese pretty much.)

The first time I saw Gone With the Wind,
I wanted to be Scarlett.
I thought it would be fun being a dark eyed brunette
that got to wear window curtains
and ride a horse
and talk with a Southern accent.
Say things like "Hun-nay, Preh-shus, and Eve-nun."
Of course, having a boyfriend
like Rhett Butler was only an added plus.

But I have to admit,
the person I wanted to be the most
was Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.
I would have given anything to
be able to spin like a ballerina,
but also flip like Jackie Chan.
What a fee-ling!
I loved the 80's look of the
torn sweatshirt hanging off
one shoulder and the groovy leg warmers.
After seeing the movie for the first time
I was determined to join a gym,
buy some cool workout clothes,
and sail across the gym floor
with the grace of a gazelle.
In daydreams, I could hear
music playing in the background
while I flexed my newly-made muscles:
"Like a maniac, a maniac, on the floor
and she's dancin' like she's never danced before..."

Realizing it wasn't going to happen overnight,
made me just want to be "Annie".
Slap on a curly red wig
and a red dress with a wide, white collar-
hug my dog and sing from the rooftops-
"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow
You're only a day a-way!"

But at the end of the singing, the acting,
the movie or the film-
I always saw reflections of
just myself in the mirror.
Reality took over -
and so the fascination and fantasy
with Hollywood faded quickly.

It may be fun to daydream sometimes.
We all do.
And looking at ourselves
can sometimes be disappointing.
There's always room for change
and improvement.
But we must realize
that who we really are
is the only part
that matters in the end.
That if your heart is true
and full of compassion and love,
then you are a shining star
that will grace the earth and
forever brighten the heavens.

But, then again,
wouldn't it be fun to be Will Ferrell
in Elf ?
To have all the toys you wanted
and personally know Santa
and ride in a big sleigh across
the midnight sky......