Monday, March 1, 2010

The King of Sala-Ma-Sond

Tomorrow is the birthday of Dr. Seuss.
One of my favorite memories
is sitting down with my sister Linda
and reading Yertle the Turtle.

We read it hundreds of times-
until the spine of the book collapsed
and the pages became
worn and dogeared.
We never forgot the image of those
turtles all stacked upon one another
and then collapsing into the muddy pond.

Or the image of the fly coughing
far away on a distant mountain
and Horton hearing it clearly.

Or Lolla-Lee-Lou wanting
a huge plume of feathers
and then not being able to fly
once her wish was granted.

I think those stories taught us
lessons that we still utilize today.
And gave us a warm memory to share
when we are old ladies.

So, here's to Dr. Seuss-
For the lives he changed
with his simplistic rhymes
and comical characters.
Happy Birthday!

This is not a day for making pies.
For roller skates or swatting flies.

This is not a day for rubber boots.
It is not a day for woolen suits.

It is for celebrating Dr. Seuss!

I think we should have green eggs and ham-
Invite Horton, the Grinch
and Yertle and Sam...

Just like one big happy fam !

Invite small and tall
and thin and fat-
Just roll out the Welcome mat !

And give a shout to Cat in the Hat.
What do you think about that?

I think we should Hop on Pop-
Find Fox in Socks
and run the Zoo-
Find One Fish, Two Fish
and a fish of Blue.

We will invite
Gertrude FcFuzz and Lolla-Lee-Lou-

That's just what we've planned.
That's just what we'll do!

We will sing and eat cake
with Thidwick the Moose

For today is the birthday
of Doctor The Seuss!