Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chocolate Wins, Hands Down!

There is something quite pleasurable
about the pastel colors of spring.

Everywhere you look now,
the colors of winter are being replaced
with a burst of eye-pleasing hues -
in celebration of new beginnings.

... lemon colored kitchen towels,
... blueish sea green stemware
for outdoor picnics,
... turquoise lawn flags
that wave with bluebirds and sunbursts,
and overflowing pink pails
of smiling pansies...

my favorite of all the spring colors
is brown.
As in chocolate brown.
As in deep, dark, Hershey-lovin' sweetmeat.

Brown. Burnt sienna. Tan. Henna. Hazel.
Chestnut. Umber. And maroon.
But, oh-
good chocolate is like a rainbow on the tongue!

Those little 3-D hollow rabbits
could very well be long fanged dinosaurs-
but the milk chocolate appendages
would still be as appealing
as a set of cocoa-covered bunny ears.

And what a genius who created
those chocolate Cadbury eggs!
They look so innocent-
so small.

believe me-
they pack a big punch of chocolate
that disappears within minutes.
Just crack that chocolate baby open
and savor the smooth taste of heaven
for less than the price of a candy bar.

Another plus-
they fit so perfectly             
in a purse
or palm,
or anywhere you might want
to hide them from chocolate burglars.
(Or those joy-robbers
that might suggest
they are an unhealthy

What I cannot understand
is how in the heck
do the jelly bean makers
stay in business?

I mean, so you have this choice:
Rich, tongue-teasing chocolate-
or a bit of granulated jelly
encased in a cheap candy shell?

Oh, sure- jelly beans are attractive
displayed in a cute candy dish
or sprinkled among
the green shreds
of cellophane grass.

But when it comes to pleasing
the palate,
they are pitiful substitutes
for true confections-
such as chocolate.

you can have your spring colors.
Your huge, bright,
pink and purple
and apricot
Jelly-Bean World.

I'll just be right over here.
In Brown Town.
Lovin' every melt-in-your-mouth moment!