Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Faceless Bloggers, Faithful Friends

For those of you non-bloggers out there,
it must seem strange how one person
can sit in front of the computer every day
and pour out their heart.

I am sure there are those of you
who consider bloggers merely
troubled souls,
or journalists who publicly
expose their daily diary.

 I raise my hand.

I suppose I have been all of those
at one time or another.
And I've been many more faces
that reveal themselves
when the keyboard starts clicking.

But above all else,
I believe that most bloggers
are here to learn.

About themselves,
their craft,
and the support and
entertainment they provide
their faceless readers.

I have only been blogging a few years now,
but the changes taking place in Blog Land
are tremendous.
No longer is the blog a blank page
with a calendar of words.

Blogs are brilliant and bold.
Flourished and fancy.
Some chocked full of
and awards.

Some are whimsical,
cute and funny.
Others are heart breaking,
and soul-searching.

There are blogs with stunning photographs,
silly cartoons,
and daily doses of life.

But what all these blogs have in common
is that the person behind them
is growing.
Experimenting with not only their words,
but their feelings.

So, it is both exciting and intimidating
when a fellow blogger offers
a new challenge.

Dee over at
has a giant plate of fun
constantly being filled with
a variety of new applications.

In addition to Dee's personal blog,
she also hosts Say Anything,
which interviews and introduces
bloggers to the masses,
suggests weekly subjects,
and links readers and writers alike
to a network of camaraderie
and creativity.
She even co-writes a third blog.
that promotes positivity and
Check it out.

This week I've been challenged by
Arlee Bird
over at tossing it out,
and it's a fun project I'm hoping
to follow through on.

Arlee says:
"The challenge would entail that each day participating bloggers post at least 100 words based on the letter of that day, starting with "A" on April 1 and ending with "Z" on April 30. "
(This is counting Saturdays, with Sundays off, which adds up to 26 days - one day for each letter of the alphabet).

So, tomorrow I will be staring
with the letter "A"
and it sounds pretty easy.
But, I can't help but get a bit nervous
when I look ahead to "Q'" and "Z"
and realize I'm being monitored!

If you readers have any suggestions
of subjects you'd like to throw out to me,
just let me know and I'll try to
create something special just for your
letter of the alphabet.
And I'll mention that you
were the inspiration.

Okay, Arlee-
I'm taking up that Double Dog Dare!
Let's just hope this old dog
can learn some new tricks!