Monday, March 29, 2010

And The Prize Goes To.....

This morning I'm being interviewed by
my good blogging friend, Dee-
over at

Dee has this amazing unselfish nature
that makes her want to advertise unknown talent
that is bouncing around the Blog Planet.
She's like the Mother Teresa of Bloggers.

If there was a Nobel Prize for promoting
the sisterhood of writers and their forums,
Dee would have a giant gold medal
almost as big as her heart.

Please take a look at
all the great bloggers that she's linked here.
Right there in the lefthand column,
are enough great writers
to turn your morning coffee break
into an all day latte fest.

Relax, Read.
Have a good Laugh.
A great cry.
A heapin' helpin' of this
vitrual smorgasbord of
estrogen gone wild!

See you back here tomorrow!

And, thanks, Dee!