Monday, November 2, 2009

Ding Dong THe Witch Is Dead!

Well, it's hard to believe
that it is now November
and all the party nonsense
is finally over.

Instead of blood and gore,
my mind now switches
to turkey and pumpkin pie-
My what a huge leap!

For five years I have
enjoyed hosting these
Halloween parties,
but this year I just
feel that the time has come
to pass the torch to
someone else.
I think it would be fun to
go to a party given
by someone else.

It's sad to say,
but I think I'm retiring.

My kids say that by August
of next year,
I'll get that itch
and start planning another
big event.


They don't believe
I'm actually tired of
the effort that goes into it.
Every year I seem to get less help
from my kids,
even though their friends
are all invited and welcome, too.

Less people show up.

Too much candy
and too many hot dogs
are left over.

Post-party depression sets in
and I wonder why I tried so hard
to make it fun and unique.

But- yes,
it's been a wild ride-
a great trip-
and I'm thankful for the memories.

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