Monday, November 30, 2009

Birthdays In Heaven

Dear Mom,

Even with all the company over the Thanksgiving holiday, I didn't forget that Saturday was your birthday. Once I had a chance to sit down and relax, I tried to envision your face and how you handled this hectic time of year.
How in the world did you ever feed the nine of us? And Christmas! wow! I cannot begin to imagine the saving and planning that went into giving us gifts and a wonderful tree. But, we were never disappointed. We never felt cheated. There was always a magic that settled in our house and your love made it all possible.
Even after all the people I have met and the places I have been, you are still the kindest woman I've ever known. You were unselfish, tender, soft-spoken, and compassionate. Even while you were battling cancer for twenty years, your positive attitude and gentle concern for others never faltered.
Even though I'm middle aged, there are times I still need you. Times when I must make an important decision, or I'm lonely, or I just wish I could hear your voice again to soothe me. We could go to yard sales or fry up pork chops or watch our soap operas while pigging out on ice cream. We could talk about the things you did as a child and all the things you wanted to do as an adult.
I would also like to know what dreams you had for me. I hope I've made you proud.I never made it big or rich, but I found a wonderful husband and have fantastic children and adorable grand children. And in all areas of life, I strive to be even half as kind as you were.
This morning I'm going to celebrate your birthday by making some of your famous French Toast. I'm gonna dip the bread in egg mixture and then roll it in crumbled corn flakes. Yum...Cook it till crispy and flood it with real butter and maple syrup.
And then I'm gonna sip my black coffee by the window and watch the world go by and miss you like crazy.
Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you still.