Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thinkin' About Thankin'

Since this is the month
of Thanksgiving,
I thought it might be
appropriate to list
a few things that
I am thankful for.

Of course, this list
does not include the "givin's"
like my family and my house
and all the necessities in life.

These are just things
that sometimes go unnoticed,
unappreciated, or
taken for granted.

1. I'm thankful for music.
-For that a little silver disc
that can take me back to
a certain summer day-
make me feel the giddiness
of first love,
or warm me with Christmas carols
that speak of home and love
and memories.
-For the beat that makes me
do a silly dance while dusting-
or hum a bit while writing-
or cry when the words
touch my heart.

2. I'm thankful for good coffee.
-For that smell of roasted goodness
that fills the kitchen every morning-
for the gurgle of a new pot of
seasonal flavors like pumpkin
and peppermint and caramel.
-For the opportunity to relax
with a hot mug while I reflect
on my day and watch the sun rise.
-For the warmth of cookies and cake
that pair so well with it.

3. I'm thankful for my slippers.
-For the fuzzy funniness
of my footwear-
how they wrap my feet
like a blanket of comfort
and ward off the chill of my
wooden floors and ceramic tile.
-For the way I can glide in them
like an ice skater-
how they are always waiting bedside
in the morning to greet
my naked feet without complaint.

4. I'm thankful for my computer.
-That I can bond here with
family and friends-
and faceless bloggers who
relate to my world
because they have kids
or pets
or a not-so-ordinary life.
-That I can find recipes
I'll never make,
look at places I'll never go,
and keep tabs on a
bank account that
never seems to grow.

5. I'm thankful for pajama pants.
- For the ease of slip-on elastic
that conforms to late-night snacks,
and pizza stains.
-For the variety of colors
and patterns and material
that make wearing pajama pants
a real party.
-For the fact that I can wear them
to open the door when company calls,
get the mail,
take out the trash-
and of course, for sleeping.

6. I'm thankful for photographs.
- For the ability to freeze time-
to capture moments-
to stop aging and death and
celebrations and silliness-
to look back and feel the beach
or smell the Christmas tree
or touch my mother's hand.
-To have the capability to
smile again at my babies-
feel my heart leap with
electricity of my wedding day-
to study the faces and the fabric
of captured miracles.

7. I am thankful for color.
-For the fact that the
sky is not just blue,
but a million shades of blue.
-That the sunset holds strokes
of lilac and magenta and
soft peachy yellow.
-That I can paint whatever colors
I see across the field-
but also
the colors
I see in my mind.
-That colors of life change
and grow and shift
with the seasons.

8. I'm thankful for chocolate.
- For making plain oatmeal
cookies much more yummy.
-For being the treat for
well-behaved grand kids
and welcome company.
-For being that little bit of
naughty in an otherwise
sensible diet.
- For its comfort and euphoria
and tranquilizing effects
that make a sucky day
less sucky.

To God,
Maxwell House,
Old Navy,
and all the others.

You know who you are.