Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Erin!

Journal Entry
Monday, November 26, 1979

I opened my eyes and there you were-
Soft like a rainbow after the storm.
Love swelled up inside my heart-
I held you, kissed you, kept you warm.

And all the waiting days are over-
You are in my arms at last-
Though I cherish every moment
of the seasons that have passed.

I need you, baby daughter-
You have made my life complete-
No words can spell the magic-
No one can know how sweet
your existence is to me...

I love you, Erin Marie.
I love you.

On November 20, 1979, your life began.
The day was cloudy- the sky a soft gray- the winter trees dotted with crisp clinging leaves.But you brought sunshine and smiles with you. You made my life begin also.
At 6:11 Tuesday, you cried for the first time. I held you on my belly as you wriggled red and wildly to announce your entrance into this world.
How perfect. How beautiful. How lovable, How real. How in the world? What a miracle! What a precious gift from God.
We brought you home at 11:30 Wednesday, just barely a day old, we carried you gently through the November rain to the warm basket we prepared for you.
You are such a good baby. How have I ever managed to go through life without you? How did I wait so long for such complete happiness?
When I hold you, I love you more each moment. I will do anything to protect you. I will love you always, my baby daughter. I will never, ever forget the day you were born.