Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Farewell To Magic

I'm saying goodbye to
an old friend today.

It's very sad,
but Mr. Magic Chef
lost his magic long ago.
It was only a matter of time
before he no longer
satisfied my hunger.

(But, we sure had a good time,
didn't we, Magic?)

Oh, yeah, once upon a time
he was hot.
Sizzlin' in fact.
Bold and bright
and ready to cook up
any kind of fun.

We spent many late summer nights
baking in the intense heat,
sweating like young lovers
over pepperoni Pizza Rolls.

And many cold winter days
simmering hot chocolate
or stirring the stew.

He was always there for me.
Even when I didn't need him.
Even when I snubbed him a little
by spending more time with
Emerson- my microwave.

But even Emerson understood
my love affair with Weber-
and he kindly sat back
and watched while we
grilled and smoked
in the privacy of my back yard.

I guess I was fickle-
Never really loyal to any of them.
I just got tired of the same old
techniques and mechanical routine.

Magic Chef started looking old.
His burners were battered,
his clock was slow,
and each day it became
more and more difficult
to turn him on.

Believe me, I tried.
Resorted to a clicker,
a lighter,
a propane torch-
anything that might stimulate
the flames once again.

it was too late.
Magic Chef  had already given up.
Most days he just laid there
and did nothing.

I suppose you might think badly of me,but I'm moving on with my life.
In fact, Frigidaire is
out in my garage right now,
waiting to come in
and heat things up.

He looks sooooo good.
Sleek- clean cut-
with an edgy modern style-
I just know he'll make me happy!

I look forward to many
steamy nights-
broiling and seething
and simmering-
toasting and brewing
and fricasseeing ...

Hey- is it getting hot in here-
or is it just me?