Thursday, November 19, 2009

Squat For a Pot

I guess most of you know by now
that I'm not just here to blog
about things that disturb or
delight me.

I'm here to inform you all
of important events and happenings
in this big old world
that you just might not
be aware of.

Such as...
Today is World Toilet Day.

The World Toilet Organization
is a global non-profit
organization that is committed to
improving toilet and sanitation

An event named "the Big Squat"
has been organized to call attention to this need.

Watch here:

I guess I never really thought about
how lucky I am to have a toilet.

Yes, I have.

All those times when my stomach
started to do loop-dee-loops
while I was driving down the interstate.
Or about five minutes after eating
from the salad bar at Pizza Hut.
Or New Years Eve when the
Little Smokies,
chocolate cheesecake,
and tequila
curdled in my stomach.

Yes, you could say
I'm a really lucky girl.
Blessed, in fact.

But for those of you that
want to contribute to others
less fortunate in the bathroom department,
there is actually a World Toilet College.

Here's their education lineup:

WTC offers the following programmes:

There was even a contest in Cambodia
to bring extra awareness to the situation.
Contestants were asked to write an essay
that would be appropriate for
television or radio spots-
that would promote better sanitation
and influence individuals to invest
in private toilets.

The WTO describes the winning entry:

The top five submissions were presented to government officials from Kampong Speu who selected Mr. Veng Meng Keang as the top prize winner (US$250). Ms. Im Molika was awarded second prize (US$150), and Ms. Heang Vattey third prize (US$100). Mr. Veng's winning submission was a storyline for TV or radio, telling the tale of a man without a toilet who becomes embarrassed when the young daughter of a visitor needs to urinate, and she refuses his offer to take her to the forest. After stepping in poop while walking on his land and realizing it is his, he decides it is time to finally buy his family a toilet.


You can tell I'm stretching
for a suitable blog subject today,
can't you?

But at least you know
how to do the squat.
So don't say I never taught
you anything.

Well, folks-
I've done all I can do here today.
I think I'll go clean my toilet...

And while I'm up to my
rubber gloves
in bits of fecal matter
and stale urine
and those little pesky hairs that stick
to the porcelain-
I'll pause a moment after the ammonia
and bleach has ripped out my lungs-
and think about
what a lucky gal I am...

Happy World Toilet Day!