Monday, November 9, 2009

Tech Too Late

I had a difficult time sleeping last night.

Could have been the two pots of
caramel kiss coffee I sipped all day,
or the fact that my son, his girlfriend,
and my daughter were on
an all day road trip
across two states in our
twelve year old pickup truck.

For whatever reason-
I ended up writing today's blog
in my head while I wrestled with
a lumpy pillow, hot flashes,
and a bed-hogging dog.

I got to thinking
how history and other events
might have turned out differently
if certain technology had been invented.

Like Text Messaging....

Like this one....Or this one
to Aunt Em from the National Weather Service:
Or another from Dorothy to Aunt Em and Uncle:

Or the Coast Guard to the Titanic?

How about
a scout to the wagon train?

Things would have turned out
differently if Juliet could have texted Romeo:

And how would this have
changed Pearl Harbor history?

This one from Hoffa to the FBI might
have helped:
Personally, I don't text.
I think it's a part of me
that can't stand misspelled words
and the fact that
I type slow.
A box of envelopes and
a book of stamps is cheaper.
And, in my case, faster!

But, yes, technology
came a little too late for some...