Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Buffy Buys

The recent interest in vampires
has triggered a rise
of vampire related items
in auction houses
and internet bidding sites.

There are actually
vampire kits available-
wooden boxes full of all
the necessary items
to ward off those pesky blood-suckers.

Kovel's Antiques say that
most vampire kits
were probably made after 1897,
when the book "Dracula" was first published.
People began to fear this
night-walking creature and
prepared themselves with these weapons.

Kovel's describes one such box:
"Last year a kit in an American walnut case sold for $14,850. It held stakes, mirrors, a gun with silver bullets, crosses, a Bible, holy water, candles, and garlic. This Saturday, October 31, 2009, another kit will be auctioned. It's in a rosewood case with mother-of-pearl inlay in the shape of a cross. The required pistol and silver bullets are in a small coffin-shaped case. There are also holy water vials, a prayer book, a cleaver, and a mirror." Another auction claimed to have the following, circa 1900:

"...the box is solid mahogany, the hinged lid with a copper cross to the front, opening to a compartmentalized interior comprised of an ivory inlaid crucifix-shaped gun bearing the date 1591, lead bullets, a small glass bottle, a small power keg, a metal bullet mold, and a mahogany stake..."

Deanna of Collector's Quest wrote about 19th Century vampire killing kits:

"These are expensive kits, made for the wealthy; not some cheap and cheesy plastic novelty items. Such luxury concedes a seriousness -- a deadly seriousness. These items were made to address deep, dark, primal fears. And then, like our fears often are, they were not thrown away but stored in equally dark and out of the way places... Antique wooden killing kits in the attics of old houses, just waiting for the day when the creatures creep from the attics of our minds."

Yeah, well...just in case...
I've gathered up some garlic bulbs,
a sharpened tree branch,
an Avon mirror,
a Yankee candle,
and a cross.

I had a hard time finding holy water,
so I just made some.

How do you make holy water?
You just boil the Hell out if it!

So- to all you vampire slayers out there-
Better get 'cha some!