Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Madness: It Comes For Me

I taste winter.

It touches my tongue
like a bitter snowflake-
like a season of poison
that weakens me.

I feel winter.

It runs its fingers through my hair
and caresses my face with icy fingers.
It kisses me with frozen lips
and leads me into
December's cave.

All the while,
I kick and scream-
try to hold on to sunshine-
grasp at butterflies and blue birds-
plead with all my heart
for winter
to let me loose.

I hear winter.

It beckons me
with whispers in the pine trees-
begs me to love its inky skies
and frigid winds-
forces me to watch
its blizzard of madness-
laughs when I shiver,
roars when I complain.

I see winter.

Rolling like a snowball down the hill-
aiming for my summer heart-
ready to stab me with ice sickles
and shoot me with frosty bullets
that hurt like hell.