Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time To Go

Since my grand kids have been
staying here awhile,
the house has taken on
a different persona.

Once quiet with ticking clocks
and soft CD music,
the noise of blaring cartoons
and sibling fights
now echo through the hallways.

Once shiny floors now
show traces of cookie crumbs
and spilled milk
and little dusty footprints.

A pile of soft fragrant towels
has morphed into a hamper full
of damp, twisted terry cloth...
and bed pillows once meant
for sleeping
are now flying weapons
in a feathery fight.

Once empty spaces
are now resting places
for giant backpacks
and grungy tennis shoes
and playground-scented jackets.

what once was a lonely morning
in front of the computer,
is now a bright "Good morning, Nana!"
from groggy, cereal-hungry faces
that bring me instant joy.

There is a mad rush to find
homework, pencils, clean socks
and lunch money.
There are stories
and arguments
and promises made over
chocolate milk and Pop Tarts.

And there are soft hugs
and sweet kisses
and an aura of unconditional love
suddenly filling the house.

My kids have finally found
a place to move,
so this weekend the U-Haul
and empty boxes
and all the evidence of
breathing, magical children
will be packed up
and taken away.

But, they won't be far.
Just a few miles
across the distant fields.

Close enough to retrieve
the toy they left behind
or to come build scarecrows later.
Close enough to still come visit
when boredom sets in
or when cookies need baked.

I will miss them.
I will miss the way my house felt
when they filled it with their
musical laughter
and bright exuberance.

I will miss the "good mornings"
and "good nights"
and all things in-between.

this morning,
my house breathes a heavy sigh-
anxious to get back to
the quiet place
where the computer ticks out typed words-
and sunshine rests on clean floors
and the pillows stay fluffed forever.

I love you guys.
Here's to a new happy home!